ZRM&E 2pcs Reptile Hammock Rest Bed Mesh Air Permeable Lizard Hammock for Bearded Dragons Anole Geckos Lizards or Snakes



Brand: ZRM&E


  • Product specification: 2 reptile hammocks and rest beds
  • Product size: 33 x 33 x 48CM / 13 x 13 x 19inch
  • The product is made of plastic nylon material
  • The product is equipped with suction cup and metal ring for easy installation and disassemble
  • The rest bed is suitable for all kinds of reptiles, and mesh cloth is more conducive to climbing

Package Dimensions: 15x250x74

Details: Specification:
Type: Reptile Hammock Rest Bed
Size: 33x33x48cm
Weight: 72g
Shape: Triangle
Color: Black
Material: Plastic nylon net
Package includes: 2 x Reptile Hammock Rest Bed
Suggestions for use:
Find a favorite location for you or your pet in the container
Wipe the suction cup and glass wall to ensure that the suction cup and glass wall are clean and dust-free, and then stick the suction cup to the side wall or glass container
If the suction cups do not stick to the side walls, immerse them in hot water. When the suction cup is hot, paste it into your container
If the suction cup is aged, please replace it in time

UPC: 725983608745