WishLotus Bird Swing, Cage Hanging Toys Cotton Rope Swing Bite Resistance Perches Toy Parrot Toy Boredom Breaker for Budgie, Cockatiels, Conures, Finches, Small Parakeets



  • ✿Durable Material: The budgie swing is made of high-grade durable cotton rope, which is bite resistant and durable, which fully satisfies the nature of birds like to peck. The accessories are made of stainless steel, which is hard and firm.
  • ✿Cotton Rope Swing: The birds can swing on the round cotton rope swing, and you can also match multiple round rings for your pet to climb or exercise. Just like jumping around in a tree, they will find it very interesting.
  • ✿Bright Colors: This cotton bird swing is composed of 4 colors (white, yellow, red and blue). The colors are bright. Birds are easily attracted by colorful toys. They will definitely love this swing.
  • ✿Easy Installation: Use the metal ring with the swing to hang the cotton rope swing on the cage, which is very convenient and provides an ecological environment for birds to rest and play.
  • ✿Size: The diameter of the large cotton rope ring is about 25cm, and the diameter of the small cotton rope ring is about 18cm.