Tantrum Tow Ropes Reptile Aquarium Castle, Reptiles and Amphibious Habitat, Suit for Turtles, Hermit Crabs and Small Amphibians with Basking Platform (18.5in11in10in)



Amphibious Habitat Castle – The terrarium is waterproof design and had a drain hole in the bottom, can provide land or water environment to give you choice
Unique Home For Pets – reptile habitats tank with built in platform and ramp for basking, and has feeding area.
Strong And Portable – Made from high grade plastic, non-toxic, sturdy and non-deformation, lightweight but secure, easy to used and carried.
Convenient and Safety- aquarium tank have quality acrylic window to observe your pets. double rotary button effectively prevent pets escaped.
Wide Application – suit for tortoise, terrapin, Turtles, Red-Eared Slider, Frog, Toad, Hermit Crabs and Small Amphibians and reptiles. Also can used by hamster and rabbit. Not recommend for snake (python, boa, etc.)