pranovo Reptile Hammock Swing Hanging Bed Lounger Ladder with Adhesive Hooks and Suction Hook for Bearded Dragon Leopard Gecko Rat Lizard (Banana Leaf Pattern)



Brand: pranovo

Color: Banana leaf pattern


  • HAMMOCK FOR REPTILE: The adjustable lizard hideout hammock is a good place for reptiles to rest and sleep. It is suitable for Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Rats, Sugar Gliders, Hamsters, Lizard and small pets alike. Not only make reptiles feel safe and secure, but also reduce their pressure.
  • HANG OUT AND CLIMB AROUND: Spice up your reptile’s life with this adorable hammock with a free pillow, self adhesive hooks and suction cups, will be the place for your favorite reptile to hang out and climb around.
  • COMFORTABLE PILLOW: The hammock has a small and comfortable pillow on the edge. Padding inside to add comfort and warmth. The pillow is fixed on the hammock with a Velcro, which is convenient for the reptile to rest and will not fall easily.
  • ADHESIVE HOOKS AND SUCTION HOOKS: The hammock is equipped with adhesive hooks and suction cups, which is convenient to use. It can be hung on glass, acrylic wall, cage of various styles or other side walls to provide convenience for your little darlings.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: We chose fabric that is easier to clean than plastic or seaweed nets as the main material for this hammock. Hand made, reliable quality.

Package Dimensions: 30x231x68

Details: One of the accessories you need to get for your reptile is a hammock. But why does it need it?

Reptiles love climbing branches and basking in the sun. They are also one of the most relaxed and easy going in the reptilian world. They usually take a nap for a few weeks and then wake up like nothing happened.

What is the difference compared with some other hammocks on the market?

The handmade reptile swing flat roof hammock lounger is washable, so if any little ‘accidents’ happen – just wash away. machine-washable. Unlike other hammocks made from plastic mesh or seagrass.

* Hammock size measures: 13″ * 13″ * 18 7/8″
* The tiny pillow: 3 3/8″ * 2 7/8″

* 1*Reptile Hammock with a Tiny Pillow

* Tips: * To keep the suction cups have good sticky effect:
* 1. Wipe the sucker and sidewalls with clean water and sope, ensure them clean and free from dustbefore sticking the suction cups to the sidewalls;
* 2. Soak the suction cups into hot water, if they are not sticking to your sidewalls. And stick it to the sidewalls when the suction cups become hot;
* 3. Do not always move it, over time, this will decrease the effectiveness of the suction cups.
* 4. Exchange the suction cups when they become aging.

* Don’t tumble dry and try not to keep metal attachments wet to avoid rusting.
* Do not place too close to heat source.
* Do not place too high as hooks may lose stickiness over time.