Portable Travel Litter Box for Easy Travel with Cats and Kitties with 1 Collapsible Bowl and 1 Scoop



About this item

  • Easier for you to travel with cats. 16″L X 12″W X 4.5″H, workable for medium cats and kittens
  • Lighter than a heavy hard litterbox, portable and handy, easier to carry. And no assembly required
  • TIME SAVER and AVOID DIRTY WORK. Take some biodegradable bags with you, put the bag in litter box as a conventional liner, just dispose of it each day until you get to your final destination
  • CONTROL UNPLEASANT ODOR, NO LEAKS. Comes with a zipper lid
  • FLEXIBLE to fit well in the back of car, on back seat, legroom or in a kennel and easy to carry in and out of hotel room
  • STORAGE BAG. Also perfect for storing snacks, treats, medicine or toys, even your things