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  • Package include,1pcs bird bath tub with 6 screw fittings,The size is 10×18.5cm.It’s a wonderful gift for bird farmers
  • Material,Our bird bath basin are made of quality plastic, which is safe and sturdy.perfect for small sized birds like, parrots, lovebirds, budgie,finches, canary, lorikeetand etc
  • Keep your birds healthy,By using our birdbath, you bird could build up a healthy bathing habit, not only a bath could clean the feather dust and clear parasites, it also helps the bird to dissipate heat and moisturizess the skin,It can also used for your feathered friend to sit, sleep, rest or play on
  • Easy to operate,Could be done within a minute,with wing nuts,hook to the cage door and when bath time is over remove for cleaning. This will make the bird more fun to bathe. Stable and hard to tip over for less mess.
  • Multi-functional use, not only as a bird bathtub,can also be used as a bird feeding box.can also enhance the relationship with the love bird.